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44 y.o. (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Ref #11521

Alena , Russia
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Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Alena , Russia
Fecha de nacimiento:
Signo del zodiaco:
Situación civil:

23 y.o.
167 cm
56 kg
Color de ojos:
Color de pelo:
Idiomas hablados:
★★☆☆☆ (2 of 5) ★☆☆☆☆ (1 of 5)
Shop assistant
Driving car , Cooking, Dacha ,Camp, Health and Sports, Nature ,Reading , Design.
I am caring, obligatory, decent, hardworking,strong character. I’m very forthright woman. I’m not a girl already, but I still have the ability to love. I know, that there is man with whom I could be happy, even though neither he no me are ideal. I have some habits, I’m not very romantic, but I will be a good wife. I know, what tenderness and care mean, but I think, that we are adult people and can speak directly to each other, try to be sincere, not to cheat. I will accept some shortcomings, that my husband will have, but I hope, that he will accept mine as well. I think, that everyone of us has the right to love and to be loved…Oh, as everyone I have a lot of interests, frankly speaking I’m very home-oriented person and good house wife. I like to take care about my home place, to cook, to clean, to garden and so on. But in spite of this, I also like to be in style every time, I like to go to the cinemas and theatres, to visit art galleries. I like to keep my body fit, that’s why I regularly visit fitness club. I think that every woman should take care about her body. And also I would like to take care about you.
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Acerca de Partner

Edad mínima:
40 y.o.
Edad máxima:
54 y.o.
Mis deseos:
I don’t want to miss a thing from my life, I want to enjoy every drop of it and the impressions will be still nicer, if my man will beside, who will support, who will approve, who will praise me for my acting. I’m 43 now, but I don’t feel the cargo of ages behind my back. It seems to me, that I’m still that little girl, who is fond of reading and sport, who will be the happiest woman in the world. Years passed. I’m really a woman no, I have almost everything, but I don’t have the main component of the cocktail, which is called “Happiness”. The main “ingredient” is Man. I would like to find the man, with whom I will feel comfortable and cosy. I don’t have any special requirements, because I know, that we can’t find human with the set of traits, which we want to be in his character. I would only like to be the friend for him, his little girl, of whom we will take care and I will love him as long as he will love me, that means till the end of my life.




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