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40 y.o. (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Ref #15515

Olga, Russia
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Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Olga, Russia
Fecha de nacimiento:
Signo del zodiaco:
2 Pisces
Situación civil:
13 y.o.
164 cm
59 kg
Color de ojos:
Color de pelo:
Idiomas hablados:
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Director of trading development (marketing )
I like kayaking, I like tourism, traveling to new places. I like reading different literature, from classics to modern fiction, books on business and personal growth development . I love a tasty meal, I adhere to a healthy balanced diet, it turns out delicious to cook at home. I like music a lot, I draw a little. I love to create a home comfort. Mostly I prefer active recreation, new trips to beautiful and interesting places, but also appreciate comfort and safety. And there are times when it's important to stay in silence, alone with yourself, so that only my time. But this is for a short period and after such recharging, I would like to communicate and participate in interesting activities.
I am communicable , inquisitive, emotional. I feel the emotional state of people around me, I can be flexible, attentive and caring, I like it. Feminine and romantic. Sentimental - I can burst into tears from the emotional scene in the film, theater, spiritual gift. Purposeful, I have an inner power that allows me to act to achieve my goal. I love interesting work, it is important that I like my activities, and I saw the results of my achievements. I'm perfectionist, I want to bring to the ideal. I love a harmonious state, I do not like screams and conflicts, I prefer quiet dialogue or simply to retire. I prefer to share my experiences, not to accumulate inconsistencies or insults, it is important for me to be honest with myself and others. I love children, I'm interested in them, I admire their discoveries, respect the wishes and opinions, try to understand and if necessary agree that both sides are satisfied, but I remember that we are an adult). I love to support and inspire. I like to make people happy. In people I prefer to see good, treat with understanding. I try to surround myself with positive and creative people.
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Edad mínima:
35 y.o.
Edad máxima:
56 y.o.
Mis deseos:
Family traditions are important to me, it is important to communicate and participate in each other's lives. It is important to create open and honest relationships, on mutual trust and respect, where everyone accepts the other as he is when personal values ​​coincide. Relations in which both inspire each other, are interesting to each other, strengthen each other, creative. I respect men for inner strength, nobility and decency, purposefulness and activity. Ability to keep one's word, be responsible for your family, take care, respect and indulge your woman.




Teléfono: +39 339 470 2436 (de Lunes a Sábado desde las 9 hasta las 19.30 horas)

178 Avenue Estienne d'Orves, 83500, La Seyne sur Mer, France

SIRET: 43308620400040

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