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35 y.o. (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Ref #16852

Elena , Russia
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Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Elena , Russia
Fecha de nacimiento:
Signo del zodiaco:
1 Aquarius
Situación civil:
162 cm
53 kg
Color de ojos:
Color de pelo:
Idiomas hablados:
United-Kingdom-flag-32.png ★★★★☆ (4 of 5)
Economist, manager-logistic. Seamstress (extra work in home)
I love reading (from the fiction read modern foreign authors about love, life, biography of famous people, like books on psychology of relationships, personal growth), sports (running, basketball, skiing, aerobics), dancing in the dance Studio (belly dance, Latin, jazz-modern, R'n'b, strip plastic), gardening (growing flowers at home and in the country), I love to cook Mediterranean cuisine (fish, seafood, pasta) and a little Russian (pancakes, stuffed cabbage, borsch, okroshka, potatoes with mushrooms), meditation, study alternative history ,crochet, embroidery, fashion design, nature walking, watching movies about love and comedy, like movies about speed, racing car, for example, "fast and furious» e.c. I love fresh flowers, refined aromas, natural and precious stones, candles, buy modest, but tastefully selected clothes (jeans prefer dresses) It is important for me is contact with nature, I love nature walking and rest near nature, have tactile sensitivity (like massage, hugs are important), I try to enjoy every minute of your life, inquisitive, love to learn new things in different fields, experimenting, easy-going; I love physical practices, sports, yoga, dancing, feel and work with the energies in the body.
I am open minded, diplomatic, I have nobility and inner harmony (diplomacy is manifested in resolving any issues, think soundly and make fair decisions, inside harmony of peace and balance, I can transmit this state to other people, able to see not only internal beauty, but also external, noting the elegance of the world and appreciating its beautiful manifestations .... I like to create harmony and coziness for those around me, it is important for me to be warm, satisfying, cozy, to be surrounded by beautiful, harmonious things, nice looking, able to create a space of love around me, a good sense of beauty; I have internal stability, stable, peaceful, patient, gentle, soft charisma, graceful; I am able to discribe myself and others my friends as generous, benevolent to all living beings, lack of attachment to money and material wealth, I support charity as an aid to orphanages . I have a refined sense of humor, I can joke around in a good way, cheerful, friendly to all people, sociable, huge feeling of inner happiness, independent of external circumstances; I have strong intuition, good analytical skills, I can quickly grasp the essence, I can learn from other people's mistakes, I can find a common language with everyone, I can clearly set goals and achieve them regardless of the circumstances, I quickly adapt to various life circumstances. Able to keep great willpower, self-discipline, fearlessness, practicality, respectful attitude both to oneself and to others, i am reliable and honest, responsible and sensual.
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Acerca de Partner

Edad mínima:
33 y.o.
Edad máxima:
52 y.o.
Mis deseos:
Good friend, interesting interlocutor, faithful and devoted, want creating a family, love children, courageous, educated, sociable, romantic




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178 Avenue Estienne d'Orves, 83500, La Seyne sur Mer, France

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